China Hot selling 6W3988 Excavator Coupling Series Flexible Pumps 6W-1451 215c 4hg Engine Spare Parts gear coupling

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6W3988 Excavator Coupling Series Flexible Pumps 6W-1451 215C 4HG Engine Spare Parts 

Basic information:


Model:215C 4HG

Used on:Excavator, Air Compressor, Marine Machine

Packing: Plastic Bag, Carton

Coupling Type: Coupling Inserts

Material: Rubber, Iron

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit

Coupling Structure: Helical Coupling

Supply Ability: 3000PCS Per Week

After-sales Service: Online Support

Color:As Required


Product show as below:

Procucts information:

Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
1. 6A-6492 [1] COVER-FINAL DRIVE  
2. 5C-1834 [1] GEAR (13 TEETH)  
3. 8B-4967 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
4. 6A-6491 [1] HOUSING AS  
5. 1A-3284 [2] DOWEL  
6. 2H-0929 [1] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
7. 2H- 0571 [1] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
8. 5C-5937 [1] GEAR (53 TEETH)  
9. 9S-3581 [2] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
10. 9S-3582 [2] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
11. 5C-8583 [1] GEAR-RING (49 TEETH)  
12. 8V-4734 C [1] SPROCKET AS  
  2H-1190 [1] PIN-DOWEL (DOWEL)  
13. 5P-2545 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
14. 5C-8587 [1] COVER  
15. 2P-1373 [1] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
16. 5K-5288 R [1] SEAL GP-DUO-CONE  
  5K-5129 [2] RING-SEALING  
17. 6A-7534 [1] RETAINER  
  6A-7535 [1] SHIM-PACK  
18. 6C-571 [1] CARRIER AS  
  2D-0604 [1] BUTTON  
19. 2K-571 [1] BOLT (1 1/4-12X3.5IN)  
20. 4K-0684 [1] WASHER-HARD (6MM THK)  
21. 5P-8248 [24] WASHER-HARD (3.5MM THK)  
22. 8V-4735 C [1] RING-SEAL  
23. 6V-6640 B   SEALANT  
24. 5H-8624 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
25. 7D-9766 [1] BOLT  
  8K-8517 [1] WASHER  
26. 2K-2939 C [1] SEAL-O-RING  
27. 2P-1374 [1] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
28. 5C-8585 [1] RING-LOCK  
29. 5C-9120 [6] WASHER (STEEL)  
  5C-9119 [6] WASHER (BRONZE)  
30. 1A- 0571 [12] BOLT (3/4-10X1.75IN)  
31. 6A-7528 [1] SHIM-PACK (INCL 21 SHIMS)  
32. 5C-8584 [3] GEAR-PLANETARY (17 TEETH)  
33. 6V-4593 [3] BEARING AS-SPECIAL  
34. 2A-1538 [12] BOLT (3/4-10X2.25IN)  
35. 5C-8582 [3] SHAFT-PLANETARY  
36. 9K-1171 [1] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
37. 8D-2256 [1] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
38. 5C-8967 [1] GEAR (52 TEETH)  
39. 5C-8586 [1] GEAR (74 TEETH)  
40. 6A-4498 [1] SHIM-PACK (INCL 21 SHIMS)  
41. 0S-1585 [5] BOLT (1/2-13X1.5IN)  
42. 5P-8245 [21] WASHER (3MM THK)  
43. 8S-9152 [2] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
44. 6A-4497 [1] CAGE-BEARING  
45. 6A-7536 [1] PLUG AS  
  2D-0604 [1] BUTTON  
46. 5M-7423 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
47. 8S-9151 [2] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
48. 8F-9516 [1] SEAL-O-RING (139.29MM ID)  
49. 6A-4495 [1] SHIM-PACK (INCL 21 SHIMS)  
50. 1A-2571 [5] BOLT (3/8-16X1.125IN)  
  5M-2894 [5] WASHER (2.5MM THK)  
51. 6A-4493 [1] CAGE-BEARING  
52. 5C-8966 [1] GEAR (14 TEETH)  
53. 1H-7339 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
54. 3B-5790 [1] CUP-ROLLER BEARING  
55. 6V-2323 [1] CONE-ROLLER BEARING  
56. 5C-0862 [1] CAGE-BEARING  
57. 2H-4145 [1] SEAL-O-RING  
58. 6A-4492 [1] SHIM-PACK (INCL 21 SHIMS)  
59. 0S-1587 [16] BOLT (1/2-13X1.75IN)  
60. 3B-571 [2] PLUG-PIPE  
61. 2B-7556 [2] CORK  
  2B-7557 [2] CORK  

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flange coupling

Comparing Performance of Gear Couplings with Other Types of Couplings

Gear couplings offer several advantages and unique features compared to other types of couplings, which contribute to their overall performance:

  • High Torque Capacity: Gear couplings have a high torque capacity, making them suitable for heavy-duty and high-power applications. They can transmit torque efficiently without compromising the integrity of the coupling.
  • Misalignment Tolerance: Gear couplings can accommodate a certain degree of misalignment, including angular, parallel, and axial misalignment, providing flexibility in various mechanical systems.
  • Compact Design: Gear couplings have a compact design, allowing them to fit into tight spaces while transmitting substantial power.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Gear couplings are known for their durability and long service life, even in demanding operating conditions. Proper maintenance and lubrication can extend their lifespan further.
  • High-Speed Capability: Gear couplings are suitable for high-speed applications, making them ideal for use in various industrial machinery.
  • Low Maintenance: Once installed correctly and provided with adequate maintenance, gear couplings are relatively low maintenance compared to other couplings.
  • Wide Range of Sizes: Gear couplings are available in various sizes, allowing users to select the appropriate coupling for their specific application.

However, gear couplings may have some limitations. For instance, they are not entirely backlash-free, meaning they may exhibit a small amount of rotational play between the gears. In some cases, this can lead to vibration or noise in the system. Additionally, gear couplings may not be suitable for applications with extreme misalignment or in environments with high levels of shock or impact loads.

When choosing a coupling, it is essential to consider the specific requirements of the application and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of gear couplings against other types of couplings, such as elastomeric, grid, or disc couplings. Each type of coupling has its strengths and weaknesses, and the best choice depends on the unique needs of the mechanical system.

China Hot selling 6W3988 Excavator Coupling Series Flexible Pumps 6W-1451 215c 4hg Engine Spare Parts  gear couplingChina Hot selling 6W3988 Excavator Coupling Series Flexible Pumps 6W-1451 215c 4hg Engine Spare Parts  gear coupling
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